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Metalic Mold Cleaning Machine

Cleaning is to clean away those unneeded liquid or solid substance attached on the surface of work piece to mark the surface clean to some degree. The cleaning progress is the interaction among cleaning solvent, pollutant and surface of work piece, also is a progress involving physical and chemical actine.

Clean is not only related with the property, type, shape, and attachment degree of pollutant, and the physical and chemical property, cleaning performance of cleaning, property and surface situation of work piece, but also with cleaning conditions including temperature, pressure, additional supersonic vibration, mechanical outside force. So when to choose appropriate cleaning technique, the first is to mark technique analysis.

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Metalic Mold Cleaning Machine (เครื่องล้างแม่พิมพ์ฉีดพลาสติก)

Function of preccesion metallic mold liquid

Model External Form Size (mm.) Cleaning Sump Size (mm.) Cleanable Size (mm.)
MND-M30(30L) 840*650*800 290*500*210 180*400*130
MND-M80(80L) 1000*750*800 420*570*330 340*430*200
MND-M160(160L) 1420*1030*950 570*770*400 500*700*200
MND-M350(350L) 2000*1300*1000 1100*1100*500 1000*1000*300




Ultrasonic cleaning : Method removal of contaminant with vibration by using constant low-frequency

Electrolysis cleaning : Cleaning technique with diffusion power by using electrification with anode or cathode of cleaning object among electrolyte, alkali or acid method and diffusion

Cleaning speed is controlled by high precision cleaning is possible from general cleaning Fixed quantity management is possible

*The customer can be request a special size for metalic mold cleaning machine and we can supply mold cleaning liquid.