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Frequency range10 kHz to 5 MHz
Power sourceLi Battery:HBT-001(JP01)14.8V DC, 1.5 W
RechargerBT-024 (JA01)
Input1 probe attached
Measurement range10 / 50 / 100 / 500 mV
Dimension179×132×55 mm
Weight640 g (include battery)
Indication valueVoltage at probe sensor(mV rms)
Operating temperature5 to 40 deg C


  • Rechargeable battery enables “work anywhere” (operating time: 10 hour)
  • Simply put sensor tip in the liquid to measure. (display in mV)
  • Sensor senses wide band of ultrasonic vibration from 10 kHz to 5 MHz.


  • Daily maintenance
  • Quality control
  • Testing purpose

Place the tip of the senor rod into liquid or flow, the power level of ultrasonic vibration will be shown on the front meter. The value is averaged voltage from the sensor and is not acoustic intensity in dB.