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Stencil and Solder Pallet Cleaner

MND Stencil Cleaners efficiently remove solder paste, adhesives and flux residues from stencils in one machine.

The system is safety cleaning of stencils at ambient temperature and with other heated applications.

Our range of stencil cleaners cater for non-clean solder paste, using solvent cleaning and water soluble paste, using Aqueous Cleaning System.

The machines are fully stainless steel, mounted with double sided ultrasonic cleaning in the chambers.

They are energy efficient in ambient cleaning, are also easy to maintain and cost efficient. They use lesser chemicals and generate lesser waste water.

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Stencil and Solder Pallet Cleaner (เครื่องล้างสเตนซิล และพาเลท)

Ultrasonic Stencil cleaning machine


The screen stencil wash out machine is used for washing stencils before exposure processing or developing stencils after exposure processing , also it is used for cleaning the inks on stencilsafter printing.

Standard Features

  • Ultrasonic wash + rinse using  Ultrasonic 40 KHz piezoelectric Transducers
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Temperature-controlled heat in both wash and rinse tanks
  • Solder trap for easy disposal of heavy sediments
  • Circulation pumps and your choice of  particulate filters on  wash & Rinse tanks
  • Low liquid level protection
  • Bottom Tank spargers
  • Ergonomically-arranged operator controls
  • Combo Cover/stencil Rack
  • Best Warranty in the Industry

Options and Accessories

  • A supply of system-compatible, readily disposable cleaning agents Specially-formulated to remove adhesives, solder paste and inks
  • Custom-engineered stainless parts baskets for racking stencils, PCBs, dispensing nozzles or other components
  • Alternative 220 or 380V, 3Ø, 50/60Hz power supplies
  • Installation supervision and training

***You can request a special size สามารถผลิตตามความต้องการลูกค้าได้