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Water Chiller

Water Chiller apply extensively to electron, electroplate, option, glass make, food, beverages, drinking water, cosmetics, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, plastic, vacumm plate membranes, pharmacies, trade of washing etc.

Widely applied in the cooling of plastic processing mold, electric coating liquid, vacumm coating machine and bath tank, also can be used as industrial supersonic cleaning machine. It can effectively decrease the vitalization of cleaning solvent to cut down production cist.

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WC Series (เครื่องทำน้ำเย็นสำหรับเครื่องจักร)

Chiller Application
Commercial & Industrial Process Cooling

  • Injection molding cooling
  • Blow molding cooling
  • Plating process cooling
  • Welding machine cooling
  • Oil cooling
  • Laser machine cooling
  • Dry cleaning machine cooling
  • Jacket cooling
  • Offset machine cooling
  • Photo process cooling

Food Process Cooling

  • Bakery process cooling
  • Brewery process cooling
  • Winery process cooling
  • Fruit and vegetable washing
  • Ice machine pre-cooling
  • Drinking water fountain cooling

Air Condition and Themo Control System

  • Centralised air condition system
  • Humidity control system
  • Air pressure control system
  • Split type air conditioning system
  • Water/Air cooled chiller for air conditioning system
  • Water treatment and chemical feeding system